Friday, 3 September 2010

Embroidered pictures: bluebell wood

Some years ago I took an embroidery course.  There were several projects from which to choose, and I made several embroidered pictures.  This one is the bluebell wood, showing a path between the trees and bluebells all around.

The sky has two layers of net to create a hazy feeling under the canopy of the trees.  The trees were worked in chain stitch in several shades of brown and gray to create the effect of bark, the flowers and leaves were worked using French knots, and the foliage and path in straight stitch.

It was fun to do.  All the pictures are framed and have green mounts, but the framed pictures didn't scan too well, so I have had to ease the embroidery out of the frame and scan it with only the mount as a border.  I managed to get it back in the frame afterwards!

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