Friday, 3 September 2010

First visit to Stitch London

I joined a Stitch London session at the Royal Festival Hall on Wednesday 1 September.  I looked round to try to find the group...went to every level in the to the stage where I thought everyone must have gone, so I thought I would freshen up before leaving and voilà! I found the meeting *behind* the shop in the RFH, so I joined in and enjoyed a pleasant evening.

I thought I would wear something I had made, so this is what I chose:

a green top with twisted stitch and lace pattern.

As I was taking the photo I saw another top I had made close by, so here is that one as well:

This is a Jacquard design, rather than an entrelac pattern; it uses a green tweed/marl yarn for the welts and sleeve edges, and Wendy Donna (green bouclé with mohair) and Dolce (cream and green brushed yarn).  OK, I confess, this was a stash-buster design, but I am pleased with it.

The diamonds are all the same size, but there is a pillow under the top, so I might need to take another photo.

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